At ReNEW, we believe that teachers are the drivers of their learning – just as students are the drivers of theirs. To support our personalized learning mantra – OWN YOUR LEARNING – we have created a system of digital badges to allow teachers to seek out professional development on their own.

Unlike the traditional model of “sit-and-get,” “one-size-fits-all” professional development, digital badges are personalized and performance-based. The badges are created to provide teachers with a roadmap to success while allowing them to choose which avenues they’re most interested in.

To earn a badge, teachers are not required to attend a training. We know that trainings don’t work for everyone and that just attending a training does not necessarily mean you are actually prepared to implement the given strategy. So instead, we offer a differentiated way of learning and performance-based demonstration of that learning.

For example, to learn about using Google tools in the classroom, teachers are encouraged to progress through the Basic, Mastery, and Advanced badges. Each badge has a microbadge – a smaller badge that leads to a full badge – for the various tools we use. For those who have used the tool already, they can simply submit evidence proving their abilities. No need to attend a training on something you already know. For those who are ready to learn, we offer virtual and in-person trainings, as well as a robust, online training center for independent learners for 24/7 learning via video and step-by-step walkthroughs.

Not only do digital badges allow teachers to drive their learning, but it also creates a community of learners. This idea – LEARNING OUT LOUD – is to encourage teachers to work collaboratively together to develop their craft while also sharing their personal development with others.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Have an idea for a badge or feedback on the system? Submit it here!

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