Google Advanced Microbadge – Chrome

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Review the checklist below to see what you already know how to do. Use the how-to links to learn new skills, as needed. You’ll need to be able to execute every skill in order to complete the challenge and earn your badge.


Skill How-to
Use keyboard shortcuts for tab and window management Video | Step-by-Step
Clear cache (browsing data) Video | Step-by-Step
Change accessibility settings Video | Step-by-Step
Add and explore productivity extensions from the Chrome Web Store Video | Step-by-Step
Use Cast for Education Video | Step-by-Step
Highlight multiple tabs at once Video
Multitask with windows, tabs, and splitscreen Video | Step-by-Step


After checking your skills on the pre-assessment above, prove your knowledge by completing the challenge. Once you’re done with the challenge, click “submit” below!

Finished with the task?
Attach your screenshot and simply click “Submit” at the bottom. You do not need to write anything in the text box.


You may have added a number of extensions that are now slowing your computer down. I would recommend only using 5-7 extensions at any one time. Downloading the extensity extension for Chrome can help, as it will allow you to easily turn on/off your extensions.

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