Lexia Data Whiz


To earn this badge, you will need to complete the TASK at the bottom of the page. Use the SKILLS CHECKLIST to help you learn each skill as needed.



Review the checklist below to see what you already know how to do and have completed. Use the how-to links to learn new skills, as needed. You’ll need to be able to execute every skill in order to complete the task and earn your badge.


Skill How-to
Complete 5-minute data check weekly Video | Document
Use Lexia Lessons to provide support to individuals and groups of students Module
Use Lexia Skill Builders to review and reinforce skills Module
Analyze MAP/STEP correlation to Lexia data Template



After checking your skills on the checklist above, demonstrate your learning by completing the task below. When you have completed the task, make sure you click “Submit” at the bottom of the page with your required evidence.


  1. Earn Lexia Explorer Badge
  2. Create a 2 – 4-minute screencast
    1. Share your reactions to your student data to demonstrate your knowledge of the data and how to use it
      1. Identify 1 student who is struggling and an action step to intervene
      2. Identify 1 student who is excelling and an action step to celebrate
      3. Identify 1 or more students whom you could group for a mini-lesson based on the data; explain why
    2. Share the video by pasting the shareable link in text box below and/or with nate@renewschools.org
  3. Share evidence of 5-minute weekly data check
    1. Example: Screenshot your calendar and identify three actions you’ve taken using your weekly data check.
  4. 6 logins to mylexia.com in past 30 days
    1. Trackable by admin – you do not need to submit anything for it
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