Zearn Booster


To earn this badge, you will need to complete the TASK at the bottom of the page. Use the SKILLS CHECKLIST to help you learn each skill as needed.



Review the checklist below to see what you already know how to do and have completed. Use the how-to links to learn new skills, as needed.

Skill How-to
Track weekly student progress publicly

Optional: use Zearn’s weekly goal anchor chart with clips, magnets, etc.

Celebrate student success Ideas
Schedule weekly data tracking, celebration, and reflection time in class for students Example Videos
Implement student data tracking & reflection system

Optional: use weekly goal tracker from student notes workbook



After checking your skills on the checklist above, demonstrate your learning by completing the task below. When you have completed the task, make sure you click “Submit” at the bottom of the page with your required evidence.


  1. Earn the Zearn Explorer microbadge
  2. Share evidence of
    1. public data tracking (i.e. photo – attach to submission)
    2. sharing info with families (i.e. photo of certificates sent home, photo or copy of letters sent home, etc.)
    3. weekly data tracking, celebration, and reflection time (i.e. video of students tracking, photos of examples trackers and reflection)
    4. FYI evidence may be shared by attaching images, pasting links to images/videos in the text box below, or combining into a Google Doc and linking the Google Doc below.
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