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To earn this badge, you will need to complete the TASK at the bottom of the page. Use the SKILLS CHECKLIST to help you learn each skill as needed.

For all information related to Zearn at ReNEW, visit renewinspires.org/zearn.


Review the checklist below to see what you already know how to do and have completed. Use the how-to links to learn new skills, as needed. You’ll need to be able to execute every skill in order to complete the task and earn your badge.


Skill How-to
Explain the basics of Zearn (Curriculum OverviewDigital Lesson Components) See links to the left and video above
Explore student experience & access activities Student Feed | “My Stuff
Assign lessons Directions
View reports Directions & Video
Create a weekly schedule that includes 30 minutes per day on Zearn Recommended Schedule
Prepare students to login efficiently (PK-2 students should use Clever Badges) Document
Identify students who need more usage or have not logged into the program in a while (Pace Report) Directions & Video 
Identify students who need help (Tower Alerts) Directions & Video
Identify students to be celebrated Resources
Print student Notes packets for daily use Directions



After checking your skills on the checklist above, demonstrate your learning by completing the task below. When you have completed the task, make sure you click “Submit” at the bottom of the page with your required evidence.


  1. Meet following requirements for a 4-week span for your classroom (will be checked by admin)
    • 85%+ avg students active
    • 40+ avg min. / week (for kinder, only 20 min)
    • 1.5+ avg lessons / week
  2. Submit evidence of student notes packets being used by students OR students using scratch paper (i.e. photo or video, attached to your submission; not required for Kinder)
  3. Teacher logged in in the past week (will be checked by admin)
  4. Create list of students in the text box below
    1. 1-3 students who have not logged into Zearn in over a week
    2. 1-3 students who are struggling with a skill (identify the skill they are struggling in)
    3. 1-3 students who can be celebrated (for their progress or with certificates)

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